High Blood Pressure Treatment

High Blood Pressure Treatment

Do you have high blood pressure if “yes” then this advice you may never need to take medication or possibly even get off some of your pills now.76 point 4 million Americans over the age of twenty years have hypertension? that roughly comes to around thirty percent of the population and only half of those being treated actually have it under control and as many as eight percent have undiagnosed hypertension. now you would agree that hypertension is a common disease but it is very dangerous. it can lead to heart disease strokes and even vision loss. now, where do you want to bring it under control naturally? no, it may not be easy. Following these basic guidelines, you can make a monumental improvement in your health and your quality of life. in general now you need to have some goals in mind either lowers your blood pressure and keep yourself from getting high blood pressure in the first place or reduce your need for blood pressure medicines and thus not take any blood pressure medicine at all or make medicines for high blood pressure. work better for you or just lower the chances of a heart attack stroke or for developing kidney failure now guys the purpose of the debate is basically for the public to know about high blood pressure and happens ever so often. the basic idea knowledge with practice always leads to improvement so now controlling high blood pressure. this is all to do with improving the way you live let’s start.


 Salt Restriction

Various studies have shown that reducing salt or sodium in your diet can decrease your blood pressure have to keep the sodium intake to less than three grams per day or even less always keep looking at those labels on those boxes and always check their sodium levels the most important thing that you can do to cut down on sodium is to eat less processed food. studies have shown that just having some extra inches can put you in a lot of trouble having a flat belly is always good but to put it in numbers for men greater than 40 inches is a risk factor and for ladies, more than 35 inches gets you a risk factor for high blood pressure but keep it well under control who knows what studies will show tomorrow.

Exercise aerobic exercise and possibly resistance training can decrease your blood pressure and this is regardless of any weight loss that comes with it. basically three or four sessions per week of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise going for approximately 40 minutes and if you continue that for 3 months you will definitely find results.


“Diet stands for “Dietary Approaches to stop hypertension”. the diet is high in fruits whole grains, vegetables, and low-fat dairy products Such as poultry, fish, nuts, it is low in sugar-sweetened, beverages, and sweets in general. they also avoid red meats. some people are great at making up their mind and then sticking to it come whatever main but most of us are not like that so we have to take slow steps and constantly work on making every day work for us in reaching our goals the key to improving our habits and lifestyles to start low and go slow choose a single small specific aspect to alter keep doing it until it becomes a habit let’s say for example that you would like to work on your diet if you’re a Thai person who eats pizza and French fries all the time don’t try to get rid of it all at once when people try to make big changes and certain changes like that they cannot maintain it then they feel frustrated on the failure so instead of a sudden change in everything in your diet from day one work on one or two small things about your diet and give yourself time to get used to those changes for example keep the pizza but do away with the French fries or cut your portions in half while eating the same things and supplement with a healthy alternative keep on working on it and day by day you will nourish yourself eating healthier and feeling much better. you will begin to trim down your waist and would realize that this actually works this is explored yourself and be amazed at what you previously thought you can never achieve but will not only achieve it but also love your new self slow and steady will win the race. right here so now the take-home messages reduce salt become more active drink less alcohol lots of fruits vegetables whole grains lentils chickpeas some nuts almonds peanuts low-fat milk or fat-free milk make portions of our meals my friends I feel that it is achievable and not for our only ourselves but for our families and our loved ones anyways

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