Brave Cricketers Who Played with Injures

Brave Cricketers Who Played with Injures


Injured Loins.

Game is related to the human spirit Many sports Man , they express their emotions in the form of anger While there are some crazy people who dedicate their anger and their whole life to the team’s victories Money and fame have no place for these heroes Such players overcome their difficulties with their passion and passion even in big injuries Because they live in the hearts of their country and their fans Such athletes are called heroes. today we will tell you about ten such heroes of the world of cricket Injured and in a state of illness Keep fighting for your team’s victories. The world know him the names of injured lions.

 No. 1 Malcolm Marshall

This event is from the year 1984 When the West Indies were on a historic tour of England WI’ fast bowler in this test match Malcolm Marshall’s arm was broken by a sharp ball And there was a situation where Marshall should have been in a hospital bed instead of on the ground But Marshall risked his life and career. He did such a thing that everyone got excited Larry Gomez was on the wicket at the time And around 100 were batting But the 9th wicket fell. His century fell short Fast bowler Malcolm Marshall presented himself for the country and his team with a broken arm And came to the field wearing pads He faced fast English bowlers with one hand in this match And he managed to get his partner to score a century, Not only that Marshall demonstrates heroism. He also bowled with a broken arm in the second innings And seven important wickets Due to his encouraging performance, the West Indies won the match easily.

No. 2 Yuvraj Singh:

Yuvraj Singh is called the sex master of the world of cricket With their powerful batting, India has won many losing matches. He is also one of the athletes who were with his team in the battle of life and death. He had a dangerous disease like cancer in the 2011 World Cup. Being a key player in the team, he ignored a disease like cancer. The 2011 World Cup was his peak time. He showed the essence of not only his batting but also his bowling And won the tournament’s best player award. After his team won the World Cup, he fought a life and death battle in the hospital for two months.

No. 3 Shane Watson:

Friends, you know 39-year-old Australian all-rounder Shane Watson These were the highlights of PSL 2020 But no one can ignore his courage in IPL 2019 The historian will reveal that the Australian all-rounder in the IPL 2019 final match He was seriously injured while taking a run And blood began to flow from his knees But he subdued his injury with his masculine answer He did not leave the field even in this situation And played a memorable part of his career He played such an innings of 80 runs off just 59 balls Which can never be ignored You can estimate their injury from this That he took 6 stitches after this match But during this time, Fight completely forgot about his pain and wounds And that’s what the great fighters do After the match, when the news of his injury spread in cricket circles, everyone was forced to call him a hero Everyone began to respect and honor him Someone tweeted that cricket is not only a profession but also a profession for these players Money and fame mean nothing to them Another wrote that there are no words for this legend Even 100 trophies are less than their performance.

No. 4 Imran Khan

Friends, the 1992 World Cup was one such World Cup Which Pakistan won because of Imran Khan’s excellent captaincy bowling and batting. This was Khan’s last World Cup In any case, Imran Khan wanted Pakistan to win the World Cup In this World Cup, captain Imran Khan was in great pain They would injection before each match and then play the match. No one knew that Pakistan would win the World Cup even after losing three matches in a row to West Indies India and Australia. But the captain was confident That’s why he used injections to run the team like a great leader. Where batting and bowling were needed, they would present themselves Due to his hard work, Pakistan is the champion of the 1992 World Cup.

No. 5 Tamim Iqbal:

Tamim Iqbal is also a name of bravery in cricket Injured, he became a tiger and took the field against Sri Lanka This is the Asia Cup of two thousand eighteen When Saranga Lakmal’s ball hit Tamim Iqbal’s wrist His wrist was stolen And he had to retire But when 9 Bangladeshi players were out, Tamim Iqbal had to come on the field with a broken wrist. He faced the Sri Lankan bowlers with one hand And took his team from 229 to 261 Thanks to his bravery, Bangladesh easily won this important match.

No 6 Anil Kumble:

Audience Former India captain Anil Kumble is also a shining example of courage and bravery A devastating bouncer from West Indies fast bowler Marwan Daniel in 2002 So they became severely injured His face was badly injured But he kept batting for the next 20 minutes even in the midst of trouble The next day, very bravely, something like this came into the field He had a bandage around his jaw and head He bowled 14 overs in a row and took the important wicket of Brian Lara However, when more reports were made after the match, it was found out That his jaw is badly fractured Against his will and intentions, he was further ruled out of the match And he was sent back to India so that he could have this surgery. This test was later drawn.

No. 07 Greem Smith:

Audience Graeme Smith is also one of the players who fought for his team while injured This is the case of the Test match between Australia and South Africa played in 2013 When Johnson’s a fast Smith’s wrist breaks And they have to retire heartily This is the fifth day of the match and nine South African players are out South Africa need to stop at 10 overs to draw the match His last hope is Graeme Smith Those who wear pads while injured take to the field for their country and nation And stop eight overs batting with one hand But Mitchell Johnson gets the second last over One of his fast balls smashed the wickets of one-handed batsman Graeme Smith and turned the tide of the team’s hopes. But the hero of this match is Graeme Smith Who bat with one hand to save their team And cricket fans win hearts.

No. 8 Inzamam-ul-Haq:

Believe it or not, the 1992 World Cup semi-final was won by Inzamam-ul-Haq. But did you know that Inzamam-ul-Haq was very ill during this semi-final? And he is suffering in stomach Pain. Inzamam played this match on the strength of Imran Khan. Pakistan win that match with inzamam-ul Haq Performance.

No. 9 Stuart Broad:

English fast bowlers Strued Broad are also included in this list He suffered severe facial injuries in a Test match against India Playing. the fast bowlers of the Indian bowlers, he sniffed his nose But despite this, Brut put his troubles to one side and not only batted but also performed brilliantly and scored the fastest 37 runs off 21 balls. England easily won the match by 244 runs But the injury had a devastating effect on the fast bowler’s mental health I also had to contact a psychologist Even today, Broad could not forget the wounds of this incident But by performing in this critical situation, he proved it That first the country then its caste.

No. 10 Wahab Riaz:

We can never ignore the bold spell of Pakistani pacer that he did in the 2015 World Cup Against Shane Watson He used his aggression and prophecy The Australian all-rounder was forced to retreat After this match, cricketers like Brian Lara used to honor Wahab Riaz The same year in 2015 when the three-match series against Sri Lanka was underway So in the second match, Wahab Riaz’s arm was almost broken A delivery from Chamira caused a major fracture in his hand In such a situation, everyone is in a hospital bed But Wahab Riaz decided to land on the ground like a hero with a light sub-color Because at that time Wahab Riaz was the main bowler and an important member of the team But when the trouble got too much, he was forced out of the field Wahab Riaz’s brilliant performance resulted in Pakistan winning that match.

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