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How to fix the corrupted SD card or USB Drive.

How to fix the corrupted SD card or USB Drive

How to fix the corrupted SD card or USB Drive. the most common issues with the USB or SD card is that, they lose the capacity and whenever we try to access them we get error we can’t access them. When USB Inserted computer made a sound that means USB is plugged in. If you try to access over USB Drive.

it gives us a following an error “Please insert a disk” but it has inside it already. if go into that is “This PC” and you can see USB type is plugged in properly. whenever go to the property it says zero bytes, USB drive is corrupted right now.

so you try to format this actually you can see.

unknown capacity when the USB Drive or any storage device loses the capacity, there is like corrupted. you know it’s corrupted so it’s not physically damaged. if USB Drive or any storage device is not physically damaged then actually it is really easy to fix them. If you try to format this but say`s unable to form it. As you know we have no capacity in our storage device. Suppose USB Drive is 8 gigabyte so it’s only showing me 0. so in your case it could be it could be showing you 1 megabyte 4 gigabyte or anything like that you know half of your capacity even if your storage device is not showing up in the file manager you can still fix that as long as you know that it’s not physically broken.

let’s fix the Problem

it’s actually really easy and people already know about it but if you don’t know then let’s do this. first of all you have to search for CMD which is command prompt and right click and run as administrator and after that you will see this command window.

make sure that your as command prompt is running as administrator. now here after the system 32 type “diskpart”  Then Press Enter.  after that you will see disk part session will start within the command prompt. here you have to type “ list disk” and press Enter. these are the list of all of your disk storage devices on your computer.

now here you have to identify which one is your corrupted USB Drive or hard drive. it does not only apply to USB Drive or SD card. it also applies to the hard drive hard disk. if you have a hard disk you can also fix your hard disk by using this method. as I said my corrupted USB Drive was 8 gigabyte. I know that it’s only seven thousand and six hundred megabyte. the disk 2 is my USB Drive, now we can type here “select disk 2”  and press enter and prompted as  “disc 2 is now selected”

now you have to type “clean” and hit enter. it will clean your disk and format your disk and make it work again. Now you prompted as  “this card succeeded in cleaning the disk” . it takes time it depends on your computer speed. now type “ exit ”  and close the command prompt.

Setting in Control Panel

once we are done with the command prompt you have to open “Control Panel Items”  Then ” Administrative Tools” Then “Disk management tool” . here you will find your USB device so you have to find it so you can see here removable device  so we have the hard drive you know you have to identify which one is your USB Drive.

we have right clicks new volume and next next next. if we want to give it a name you can give a name USB Drive naming is optional if we want to name it whatever you want to name just name it and hit next and after that hit finish and you will see a magic happens your device is now successfully repaired fixed. if it was corrupted if your drive was physically damaged then you know you can’t fix it.

go into the file manager this PC and you can see a USB Drive  is now fixed. if we go into the property all the capacity of our USB Drive. we can even form it and do whatever we want like you can see here earlier it was saying that inside the disk but now it’s fixed so that’s how you fix almost any type of issues you get with this storage device not only to the USB or SD card you can also fix the hard drives the only thing you have to keep in mind that make sure that your storage device is not physically damaged.

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