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2023 Fifth Generation of Mobile Technology

5th generation mobile network (5G).This level of service is the most widely deployed and should be available in most metropolitan areas in 2020.

What is 5G?

5G is the fifth generation of wireless data networks and it will improve them far more than 4G or 3G ever could. your feel. it on your phone your home your car and in the city and town around you. Downloads and steaming should happen literally without delay. Cars will talk to each other to prevent collisions. An unmetered augmented and virtual reality can finally be achieved with real-time response. not to mention industrial benefits like remote surgery or drone control.

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High Bandwidth

5G appears with three abilities.  First high bandwidth 4G could only muster about 200 MB per second of data throughput on a good day 5G can handle up to 1 GB or more than a thousand MB a second. On up, low latency 4g suffers from around a hundred millisecond or so in response delay or latency. 5G reaction time can be as low as 1 millisecond, which makes everything happen virtually instantly and dense connections in a given square kilometer 4g could only manage to connect about 1-10 the number of devices as 5G can. 5G will also use a higher band of radio frequencies from 24 GHz to as high 86.

5G s Frequencies

These much higher frequencies bring with them much data rate. Now while these new 5G radio waves can carry more data with a higher performance. they cannot carry it`s as far. so 5G will use a lot of, so-called small cells. these are small versions of the big cellular towers. we all know 5G will also use some new tricks in these small cells like beamforming to efficiently aim transmissions rather than just spry everything everywhere. the bottom line through you will need new phones tablet portable hotspots on the like with 5G radio. inside to connect to the new 5G networks. Your currents 4G or even 3G gear can`t tap into it. 5G networks will also position more data and computing resources. smart cities based on 5G can make almost anything that’s electric also connected and aware when a bridge needs repair why can`t it tell someone with a mesh of 5G connected sensors.

it could and then there your home 5G will offer a new way to get internet there is skewing cable or DSL and one day maybe even obviating your Wi-Fi router altogether as devices may just use 5G natively to connect directly to a wireless ISP. Thanks for that large number of small cells that will be installed around us now while 5G may sound like a lot of microwave oven mounted on poles running with their doors open.

Infect microwaves are nothing new already emitted by our current smartphone or ld wireless phones. your wireless headphones and earbuds and just about anything with Wi-Fi as well as yes microwave ovens but even 5G s highest frequencies are considered by scientists to be non-ionizing radiation. you have to move on up to x- rays gamma rays and cosmic radiation to find the kind of emissions that will harm cells and 5G are far below that. 5G follows the inverse square law losing power rapidly at even a small distance from the small cell.

the US CDC says there is no scientific evidence to provide a definite answer to the question of cellular radio wave safety. what its 3G 4G or 5G.  5G will take you are to roll out and some investment on par but the complexity of the deployment and debugging should be worth the wait delivering the world wave been promised for a long time. where everything is connected aware and responsive and a world in which we can stop worrying about the availability of performance of connectivity in the first place.


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